Of Course The Assholes Who Used The Dark Knight Rises Shooting To Advertise A Dress Are Associated With The Kardashians

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Why is it that every time there's a national tragedy some asshole has to try to turn it into a marketing opportunity? Understandably, #Aurora is currently trending on Twitter, as it's the name of the town in Colorado where a deranged gunman killed 12 at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises last night. So you have to wonder what the fuck was going through the minds of the website Celeb Boutique when they posted this absolutely classless tweet taking advantage of the trending topic.

Like, they saw the line, then they flew the Bat over it and landed an entire football field away from the line. The winking smiley face just makes it even more revolting. Whoever had this brilliant idea to write a bullshit tweet about Kim Kardashian‘s Aurora dress should be fired. Yes, Kim Kardashian is involved. Should we be surprised one little bit? Obviously Kim had nothing to do with the tweet, but it's still telling that it's her product they were pushing.

It took Celeb Boutique ninety minutes to catch on to the hundreds of outraged responses and finally take down the tweet. They followed up with a barebones apology:

We apologise for our misunderstanding about Aurora. – CB

We didn't check what the trend was about hence the confusion, again we do apologise.

You write a tweet without even checking why the topic is trending? Consider that a double-fail for their social media department.

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