The Daily WTF: Why Is This Little Kid Dressed Up As A Condom?

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You know that game where someone writes the name of a celebrity on an index card and sticks it on your forehead? And you have to gather clues from the other participants in order guess who's up there? I sincerely hope this kid is playing that game, and also that no one ever tells him what the front of his costume says.

My mom gave me the safe sex talk pretty early. She emphasized the importance of using condoms way before I really, truly understood what those were and it was a lesson that totally embedded itself into my subconscious. Thanks for that, mom, and also thank you for realized that a talk was enough; there was no reason to dress me up as a bit of walking contraceptive on what's supposed to be the most fun day of the year.

Parent of the Year Award: you have met your match.

(via BuzzFeed)