The Daily WTF: Urine Girl Loves Her Own Urine (That’s Why She’s ‘Urine Girl’)

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If Sex and the City taught us anything it's that some people like urine. Not only that, but some people love urine, want to cover themselves in it and drink it.

While in Sex and the City it was politician, Billy Kelly (portrayed by the John Slattery, who went on to play Roger Sterling in Mad Men) who had a thing for other people's piss, for some, it's their own pee they prefer. This is where we say a collective “gross,” or not. I'm not here to judge. I have other things to judge, thanks.

Enter Carrie, who on My Strange Addiction last night admitted to be addicted to her own urine. Yes, her own piss. Not only does she drink it, but she bathes in it, brushes her teeth with it, combs it through her hair and uses it at face lotion. In other words: “Hello, pissy friend!”

After being diagnosed with cancer, Carrie fell into a practice called “urine therapy.” And although there are no proven medical benefits, Carrie attributes her remission to her own piss. But as Jezebel stated: “She hasn't been to a doctor in six years,” however started drinking her own urine four years ago. Her response to the flavor? “I didn't throw up and it wasn't horrible.”

I assume if I had terminal cancer, I'd consider a lot of things. But anything that comes from body would not be one of them. If it weren't terminal, my bodily waste wouldn't even be on the menu as an option. Perhaps, I'm a cynic?

Either way, as I write this, there's a women getting crazy with her own pee in ways that most of us would never even consider. More power to her? Or more power to her friends for having to deal with the stench?

(Via Jezebel)