The Daily WTF: Russian Artist Tattoos Clichéed Design On Cat

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Today, in extreme douchebaggery! A Russian tattoo artist has committed the triple crime of 1.) tattooing a cat, which is incapable of consent, 2.) choosing the lamest design possible, and 3.) misspelling the common Latin phrase Carpe Diem. Frownie points all around.

Of course, like that guy who supposedly got Ray Bans tattooed on his face, it could always be some sort of viral marketing hoax, but the video he posted is pretty realistic. In it, someone who should have her vet license revoked looks on as someone who should have his cat privileges revoked tattoos the ill-advised design on the anesthetized feline:

It's a good thing the lil' fella can't read, because I'd be pretty upset if I woke up from an unexplained blackout to find “Carpe Deem” written across my chest. I'd also be pretty upset if my owner randomly chloroformed me and I woke up with a big, itchy wound and no clue what the fuck was going on, but I guess for some people, that's a perfectly acceptable price to pay for a totally sick-looking sentient accessory.

(Via Buzzfeed)