The Daily WTF: Son Of Miami Housewife Alexia Echevarria Punches A Hobo In The Nuts

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So apparently when your brother gets in a car accident, that gives you free rein to punch hobos in the junk. At least that's what Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria is using as an excuse for her son, Peter Rosello. Alexia appeared on the first season of Miami Housewives and was scheduled to appear on the current season, but after her other son was involved in a car accident, she had to back her time commitment down to a recurring character in order to be able to care for him.

Okay that's all well and good. It's a tragic family emergency that they're dealing with privately. It's totally understandable that members of their family would be overly sensitive or emotional in the wake of this, but punching a homeless man in his hobo-seeds? No. We musn't do that. That is not appropriate human behavior. If you really want to get in a fight with someone, I suggest you choose someone who isn't A. asleep, B. 62-years old, and C. homeless. The guy was just lying there! He wasn't even asking you for money! It's not like he followed you home from the bus stop demanding your wallet and you had to knee him in the groin to protect yourself! He literally could not have been doing less to antagonize you, you wealthy little punk.

And of course we also know he's a genius, because he filmed the whole thing and put it up on YouTube with a nice long shot of his face to make it easy for the cops to ID him. And his mom. His mom has also ID-ed him and released the statement:

“If you know Peter, you know he's not an aggressive person, especially not with the homeless. He wasn't himself…it's not what he is, and it's unfortunate. Peter has been extremely affected by his brother's car accident.”

Okay so yeah, I can't really fault her for her response. She was honest and forthright, and he's old enough to be responsible for himself.  It's not like she sent him with instructions of how to do it. And to be fair, if my son filmed himself punching a sleeping homeless man in the biscuits and then running away, my response would be a little less eloquence and a lot more, “What the fucking fuck, you fucktard?”

I think I'm ready to be a mom!

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