The Daily WTF: Man Stages Real Life Simpsons Episode, Protests Getting Cut Off At All-U-Can-Eat Seafood Restaurant

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We did it, America! And by “it,” I mean “re-enact that Simpsons episode where Homer gets cut off at the all-u-can-eat seafood buffet.”

In events eerily similar to the plot of that TV show, a Wisconsin man has decided to protest a local restaurant for cutting off his fried fish intake at what was advertised as an “all-u-can-eat” fish fry. Bill Wisth was just minding his business ordering his 13th piece of fish at Chuck’s Place when disaster struck: they told him he couldn’t have any more. Because they were “running out of fish for other patrons.” Also, because they are motherless Nazis.

They let him take eight pieces of fish home with him, but Bill Wisth was still hungry, dammit. He then proceeded to call the police on the restaurant (at which he has a running tab), alleging false advertising, which is not an arrestable offense, but aaaw. When that didn’t work, he made the saddest looking picket sign ever and took his story to the media.

While I have some sympathy for the restaurant, which has been terrorized by Bill for years, it’s also clear they were tempting fate by offering up an “all u can eat” night and expecting him not to show up and eat them out of house and home. A deal’s a deal, people. Give a man all-u-can-eat fish, and he eats for a lifetime.

(Via Best Week Ever)