The Daily WTF: I’ll Have One Mrs. Doubtfire Tattoo, Please

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If you asked my to list my favorite movies, I'd answer with stuff like Chinatown and Manhattan and The Battle of Algiers — and other things with the names of places in their Important Titles. But if you were to search deep inside my heart (please don't, unless you're a surgeon), you'd find a list of my actual favorite movies, and the titles are very different from the ones I'd say out loud. You probably know where this is going, so yes, Mrs. Doubtfire is one of those movies that holds a special place inside my vital organs. (Ew.)

Which is to say, I can really appreciate this tattoo of Robin Williams all dressed up as a lady nanny. Not that I'd get it myself, but… well, I already got it myself. On the inside of my heart. Please don't judge.