The Daily WTF: Here Is a Dog Bed Shaped Like a Lap

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The latest trend in denim isn't ultra-raw material or super fancy diamond-studded butt designs. Nope, it's using that old pair of jeans to make a comfortable resting spot for Fido or Mittens.

A company made Lap of Luxory hand makes lap-shaped beds for dogs and cats to sleep on when an actual human lap isn't available. The beds cost $175 and come with embellishments like belts and sewed-on patches. They come in an array of festive designs; the one pictured is called the”Urban Cowgirl.”  Here's the mission statement from Laps of Luxory founder Xan Rubey:

“The Laps of Luxury dog bed idea came to me in a flash when I asked myself ‘where do dogs always want to sleep?’ For my dogs, the answer was a resounding ‘in my lap!’ Even Ferdinand the Great Dane tries to nap in my lap. So I pieced the first one together right then and made six more in the following week and started showing them around Boulder. People loved the concept but I felt like that wasn't enough. I wanted these dog and cat beds to be about something bigger than just making and selling a cute product. (Granted, it’s a really clever, handmade, unique, fun, artsy-craftsy, cute product, but still, you know what I’m saying.)”

Oh my god, Aunt Diane, is that you? And if it is, do the beds come in a skinny jean? My dog's kind of fashion conscious.