The Daily WTF: French Fast Food Chain Offers Black ‘Darth Vader’ Burger

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Would you like an intimate taste of the deep, dark evil that is Darth Vader? Then run, don't walk, to French-Belgian fast food chain Quick, where they've distilled Darth's bad mojo into convenient burger form for your on-the-go consumption.

As a promotional tie-in with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace‘s 3D re-release in February, Quick is offering customers a chance to “choose your side of the force” by ordering either the relatively edible-looking (but only by comparison) Jedi Burger, or the dark and evil “Darth Vador Burger,” which features a sinister black bun. (That's how they spell his name en Francais, you see.) Darth Vador is obviously way cooler than Luke Skywalkor, but what kinds of bitter interplanetary wars will ol' Darth start in your insides? Find out if you dare, and may the farts be with you.

(Via The Star)