Watch: The Best News Bloopers Of 2012

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If there's one thing I love more than anything else, it's bloopers. If I start watching bloopers on YouTube, I could be stuck in that time warp all day, giggling at flub ups in movies and TV shows, and actors laughing at themselves. I'll even watch bloopers for movies I haven't seen. It's a serious addiction.

But as we all know, the king of all bloopers is the news blooper. After all, it happens live, so the perpetrators of said blooping have to keep going, even if they or their co-anchor is audibly laughing. They're just the best. I'm mesmerized by them.

And as if Santa heard my humble pleas, along comes thirteen solid minutes of the best news bloopers of 2012. Yes. YESSSSS. And lest you think that a mere year isn't enough time to get a strong collection together, just think about how many hours of news are on PER NIGHT, and then multiply that by the entire world. Or, mostly just the United States, because most of these are in English so you can understand how bloopy and marvelous they truly are.

Some particular highlights in this collection are the scary farm kid at the fair who I actually thought was a doll in his stroller until he moved, the correspondent who gets bitten by a fish and then inexplicably climbs up the fisherman on the boat with her, knocking them both down, and the fuzzy dog who pops his head up at the news desk during a very official-looking broadcast. Any of those will whet your comedy whistle, or if you like idiots parading shirtless in the rain, there were quite a few of those this year, on account of Hurricane Sandy. Eat your hearts out, schadenfrauleins, because 2012 was a banner year.