Jesse Tyler Ferguson Will Crack You Up In This Gay Parody Of The Bachelor

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Bryden on gay bachelor parody November 2013You know that thing where you're watching The Bachelor but you're like ohmygod, this needs so many fewer crying screaming ladies and so many more fabulous gay guys? Well then you'll love Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Bryden, the first ever gay Bachelor in this hilarious parody from Funny Or Die.

It's hosted by George Takei, so you know the internet is about to be obsessed with it, and Lance Bass wrangled himself a cameo as well, so it should be pretty good. That guy has a nose for comedy. Although usually at his own expense, if I'm being honest. Remember when he tried to go to space??

But anyway. Isn't it great that we're finally breaking down borders and confronting prejudices and putting a gay Bachelor on television? Isn't it great that we now have a full house of homosexual guys just raring to…oh wait. Since all the contestants on these show live in one house, separate from the main guy, then what's to stop them from being attracted to and hooking up with each other over Bryden?

Answer: nothing. I won't give the whole thing away, because there are some really fun moments — everyone's a high-powered attorney! — but essentially Bryden is having a terrible horrible no good very bad day and we all get to watch it happen.

OH and even in this fantasy world where a member of NSync is on a reality dating show, we still don't have an African-American Bachelor. In case you were wondering.