15 Celebrities We’re Grateful To Have This Year For Thanksgiving 2012

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celebrities we're thankful for this Thanksgiving 2012 Emma Stone Andrew Garfield Jason Segel Rebel Wilson Ellen DeGeneres Lena Dunham Anderson Cooper

Too often, Hollywood and celebrities can have such a negative association. Now that “celebrity” can be synonymous with “famous for getting her ass waxed on TV,” many famous folks seem so removed from our lives. They're shielded by wealth and know nothing about the issues of the outside world. They look down upon the little people. Their Thanksgiving 2012 is spent sitting in the VIP box at the football game with a serf feeding them turkey.

But then there are the good ones! Those who give hilarious talk-show interviews we can't wait to share with our friends. Who use their power to raise awareness about social issues, or even volunteer their own time and energy instead of just throwing money at a problem. Or those who simply make us laugh and want to be their friends. Some of the people in this list landed on our radar this year, while others have been around for a while but really shone in 2012. We hope they all have wonderful Thanksgivings. They deserve it.

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