The Daily WTF: This Thailand’s Got Talent Contestant Gives New Meaning To The Term ‘Body Paint’

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Thailand's Got Talent contestant breasts paint Buddhist wtfI'm not actually shocked by the woman in this video, who stripped down on Thailand's Got Talent and shimmied against/painted a canvas with her paint-slathered boobs. It was much more upsetting when America's Got Talent famously featured a woman who crushed a six-pack with her gigantic breasts. Compared to that, this is amusing but not particularly titillating or (sorry to say) talented. More like the woman has giant cojones and deserves her six minutes of fame.

The “wtf” refers more to the prudish Thai judges, who freaked out when 23-year-old Duangjai Jansaunoi came out onstage and stripped. She had started things off by painting an outline of a person with a paintbrush, but then the music started and she decided to turn her breasts into the paintbrush. I'll admit it was a bit racy the way she squeegeed her chest against the canvas; and the audience reactions were pretty funny.

But then the sole female judge buzzed her out and later explained, “I’m not saying this is not good, but it’s not appropriate. Within the Thai cultural context, I don’t support this.” The cultural context being Buddhist and conservative. (Never mind that viewers online noticed that this judge, an actress, had posed for a magazine shoot where she was topless and covered in melted chocolate. I guess if you get paid it's not vulgar?)

Obviously this was all orchestrated; the two handlers who put her onstage looked shocked, and yet someone on the casting or production teams must have known what Duangjai was going to do. The producer claims that it was a total surprise, but I'm calling bullshit.