‘Teen Mom’ Dramarama: Kieffer Delp Breaks Into Jenelle Evans’ House

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Since Teen Mom 2 wrapped filming of its first season, the drama between Jenelle Evans and boyfriend Kieffer Delp has not stopped. Kieffer was there in the background when Jenelle beat down a girl on camera, and now Hollywood Life is reporting that Kieffer tried to break into Jenelle's house. This isn't the house where Barbara Evans lives with Jenelle's son Jace – since the season ended Jenelle has moved into a house with several roommates. Apparently, Kieffer and Jenelle got into an argument, and afterward he did a bunch of drugs. He then came back to Jenelle's house at 4:30 AM claiming he needed to get some of his clothes, at which point one of Jenelle's roommates, a guy named Tyler, made Kieffer leave (and even called to get a ride for him – so thoughtful!).

I think this Tyler is the guy we saw in last week's episode cosigning the note to bail Kieffer out of jail, so he must feel awesome right now. Kieffer also apparently broke into Jenelle's car and the person who was picking him up dinged the back of it. Why doesn't Jenelle break up with this guy already?