Teen Mom 2: What You Need To Know About The New Cast

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We've got some news for all of you Teen Mom addicts out there. MTV has just announced the new cast. And it sounds like Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle and Kailyn will be your new teen moms.

They may not all have been our first choices (Hello? No Markai?), but we've got the deets you need to catch up on their stories before Teen Mom 2 premieres in January. Enjoy!

Jenelle Evans:

Jenelle is probably the most controversial member of the new cast. The 19-year-old Oak Island, N.C. native is most famous for smoking pot while pregnant.

On 16 And Pregnant, it looked like she was nowhere near ready to give up her teenage years to become a parent. And that drama continues on Teen Mom this season, when her own mother tries to take custody away from her.

Leah Messer:

As if being a teen mom weren't hard enough, Leah also got the surprise of twins.

The cheerleader broke up with her boyfriend Corey Simms on 16 And Pregnant in an attempt to get back together with her ex, but on Teen Mom 2 it looks like they get back together and eventually marry.

Unfortunately, it looks like one of the babies – Aliannah – has medical problems. It's not clear from the previews, but it appears to be spinal issues.

Kailyn Lowry:

Kailyn never knew her dad, and on 16 And Pregnant we found out that her mom is a bit of a deadbeat as well.

Kailyn moved in with her boyfriend Jonathan‘s parents when she got pregnant, and that arrangement didn't work too well on 16 And Pregnant. Mostly because Jonathan wasn't ready to be a dad. On Teen Mom 2, the couple has broken up. Which means that living in the same house is even more problematic.

Chelsea Houska:

Chelsea and her boyfriend Adam Lind had some pretty serious baby mama drama during 16 And Pregnant, but it looks like he's back for the next round in Teen Mom. Bonus from the trailer: A clip of Chelsea yelling at Adam AND her dad while on the toilet. Classy.

And as a parting thought, here's Chelsea's most memorable moment: when she explained to her dad that she has no interest in graduating from high school, and doesn't need to achieve career success because she's already achieved a baby. Ooft. What a role model.