Video Of Taylor Swift Singing To A Cancer Patient Will Empty Your Snark Reserves

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Taylor Swift bowing GIFI can't believe you guys are just standing idly by and watching me turn into a Taylor Swift fan. I thought we promised each other that we'd never change, that we'd be snarking together on the front porch of the nursing home in our nineties. But here I am, grinning weepily through this video of Taylor singing for a cancer patient, and SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT.

The snarkiest I will get in this post is to congratulate whoever is doing Taylor's PR right now on doing a seriously bang-up job. Whoever you are, you're a wizard, and I salute you…and now I'll immediately surrender myself to gushing like an idiot.

Yesterday, Taylor went to a children's hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, to surprise a seven-year old cancer patient named Jordan who listed her as his favorite singer. Most celebrities in that situation would stick around for a few photos and maybe sign something and leave a donation, but it looks like Taylor put some serious time in, and it meant the world to this kid. There are photos of her playing air hockey with him, playing Play-Doh, and this devastating video of the two of them singing ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together' while Taylor plays along on the guitar.

See what I mean about devastating? Not only was it so adorable that I teared up multiple times during it — all the while leaning into my computer and grinning like an idiot — but seeing Taylor be so friendly and natural with this young kid fighting the hard fight against cancer completely devastated my snark reserves. Like, I think they've been completely depleted; I can barely rustle up a memory of why I used to dislike this girl so strongly.

Didn't anyone hear that? Snark depleted!!! Someone fetch me some Lana Del Rey right away!!!

(Image: musicrowgirl)