Taylor Swift Invited The Entire Universe To Watch Her Haircut, Harry Styles Possibly Included

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Taylor Swift haircut Ellie Goulding February 2014

When Taylor Swift gets a haircut, the whole world watches. Or at least a huge group of people does. Yesterday while Taylor was in London for a concert, she got her hair cut backstage with a swarm of people watching her. But that still wasn't enough attention for her, so she took a video of the crowd and shared it on Instagram. She knows it's just a haircut, right? And a pretty basic haircut too, as we can see from the photo of a photo she later shared with the words “short hair, don't care.”  Can we do something, please? Can we ban that phrase forever? Because clearly you do care, otherwise you wouldn't be talking about it.

I could go on and on about how ridiculous it is that Taylor needs a huge audience to get a few inches chopped off her locks, but my eyes would get stuck in the back of my head from all the rolling. Plus there are more important things to discuss. Things like whether or not Harry Styles was a member of said audience. Cue worldwide double take. That's right. Harry Styles of “that trip to the zoo” fame. E! Online claims that a blurry Harry can be spotted in this screenshot.

Taylor Swift haircut Instagram video screencap Harry Styles

That's almost definitely Ellie Goulding on the right, and we already know she was there because Taylor dragged her into her first haircut photo. E! claims the girl between Harry and Ellie looks like Cara Delevingne. She does seem to be making one of Cara's signature wacky faces. Why is this important? Because Harry, Cara and Ellie were spotted together by a fan on Twitter.

So does this mean Taylor has added Harry to her long, long, long list of BFFs? Or maybe Taylor's still not over their fake-up, err I mean break-up, and is cutting off her hair as a coping method. Mayhaps she invited Harry so he could witness what their split has done to her. Then again maybe it's not Harry Styles but just someone who looks like him, and Taylor is hoaxing us Bigfoot-style. Watch the video below and judge for yourself, but either way, I must once again ask, WHY DOES SHE REQUIRE SO MUCH ATTENTION?

(Photo: Instagram)