This Taylor Swift Fan Thinks I Should Get Hit By A Bus, But I Don’t Know

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You know what I like about my job? Getting personal feedback from readers on Friday nights! You know what I love about my job? When the reader takes the time to not only offer comments on my articles, but also suggestions on how to live my life…or not my live my life.

I know. It's a twist you probably didn't see coming.

While I ate dinner with friends (AKA perfected my Taylor Swift dart board collection that will soon be available on Etsy), I received this wonderfully helpful email from someone who clearly felt so moved by a recent Taylor Swift article I wrote that just had to share his thoughts with me.

Where do I begin with how much I appreciate his insight. I don't even know. But that's probably because I'm a moron.

The only thing that concerns me about this period-less poetry (besides the fact it's sent from an iPod) is his suggestion that I get hit by the next car or bus.

First of all, which one? When offering death suggestions, people need to specify. Second of all, why is it either/or between hell and death-by-bus? Are the two mutually exclusive??

Ugh, I'm confused. Guys, I'm throwing this out to you. A little crowdsourcing if you will. What should I do? Bus? Car? Neither? Hell?

I haven't struggled with a decision this much since Chipotle forced me to choose between no guac on my burrito or pay an extra dollar for guac on my burrito.

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