16 Simple Tattoo Ideas For People Who Don’t Know What to Get

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Deciding on what tattoo to get can be a little overwhelming, especially if it’s your first. You may be searching for some kind of important moment, person or object that holds tons of meaning. Maybe you can’t decide on a style or coloring. Just remember, all that matters at the end of the day is that you like the way it looks. Not every tattoo has to take years of planning and have some insane amount of significance. They’re a great way to express yourself and alter your body in a healthy and positive way!

So whether you're looking for a piece with personal significance or just want something cute, we've found some great lil’ tattoos from all over the internet that will hopefully help you make your decision.

1. A breathtaking landscape

The simple black and white of the landscape is super subtle and beautiful! However, a landscape tattoo would also look great customized with vibrant colors. The cool thing about a landscape is that you can either go with a generic scene or choose a place that’s special to you in particular. How cool would it look to have a mountain scape, a forest or a beautiful vista on your body?