Tattered Tattoos: A Few Suggestions For Jesse James’ Upcoming Memoir

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Us Magazine has just reported that Jesse James got a book deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a memoir.

After I stopped laughing, I came up with a few chapter titles that I think Jesse might consider for his book. Jesse, you can have these free of charge.

P.S. I would suggest you consider this as a title: Tattooed Arms, Tattered Heart: The Jesse James Story.

  • Chapter One: How I'm Really, Definitely, Honestly Related to the Original Jesse James
  • Chapter Two: I Sure Know How to Pick ‘Em: Why I Had A Child with a Porn Star
  • Chapter Three: “She's Dating Who? My Marriage to Sandra Bullock
  • Chapter Four: Nazi See Her, Nazi Don't: The Michelle ‘Bombshell' McGee Years
  • Chapter Five: Life After Sandra – How A West Coast Chopper Turned into a West Coast Flopper
  • Chapter Six: Written In Ink: Happily Ever After with Kat Von D
  • Chapter Seven: Shoulda Known Better: Easy Ways To Remove Tattoos of Women's Names