Like Video Games, Dancing, and Money? Win All 3 In This Awesome Sweepstakes!

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Remember the days of Dance Dance Revolution, affectionately known as DDR? Did you ever stand around the bowling alley arcade watching B-Boys with names like C-$, Brizzle, or Lam-Bo virtually battle each other for the title of Dance Master? If you've ever played DDR or are familiar with the likes of C-$, Brizzle, and/or Lam-Bo,  then you don't need to be told how much more entertaining your life could be if only it included a dance video game and you've probably already entered this awesome sweepstakes.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then first let me say you definitely missed out, but don't worry! You might be able to make up for lost time top rocking and booty popping now, if you enter this giveaway and win.  Yep, we're offering you the opportunity to win an XBox 360 game console with Kinect, Dance Central 3 (a game even better than DDR, if you can believe it), AND a $500 gift card.

Just so we're clear:

XBox 360 with Kinect: Like, $300. Unless it's Black Friday or you're really god at finding a bargain.

$5oo Gift Card: I shouldn't even have to say it. ($500, just in case.)

Being fully equipped for impromptu dance battles in your living room: Priceless.

Basically, if you're into things like breathing, and having fun, (and dolla dolla bills), you're into this. And if you're not obsessed with video games yet, you definitely will be if you win. Clearly the only thing to do now is enter immediately, so click here to do just that!