19 Annoying Subway Habits Every New Yorker Hates

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New Yorkers are known far and wide for their specific (read: occasionally pretentious) tastes and preferences, as well as for their exceptional ability to let those preferences be known to each and every person in their midst. Pause too long in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture of the skyline, and you’ll get an earful.
Of course, once you live in New York for a while, instead of feeling rude for telling someone to shove it, you feel entirely justified — everyone has somewhere to be, and, as we saw this past summer with the F train catastrophe, one tiny breakdown in the order of things in New York and the whole city (and then the whole global economy) feels its ripples.
So, as trivial as they may seem, the rage you’ll provoke through any of these small subway sins is real. Very real.

1. Eating smelly food.

You’ve just picked up the perfect Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from one of the many trucks dotting Midtown, but you’re in a rush to get to your next appointment. There’s no time to sit down at an outdoor table and enjoy that cheese steak in the leisurely manner you might in any other city!
So you take it on the subway, thinking that’ll be the perfect seated moment to take that first bite.
If you’ve ever been closed into a subway car with someone eating Chinese Food or wolfing Popeyes, you know that I’m talking about. The air supply is limited enough without someone ruining the ride with that to-go container of fried onions!