20 Storage Ideas Perfect For Small Dorms and Apartments

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Your early twenties are usually spent living in small spaces. Dorm rooms and tiny apartments can make it difficult to find the space for all of your clothes, shoes and cute mugs. Not only do you have to find space for all of your things, but you also want a Pinterest-worthy apartment that feels like home. Space-saving organization and strategic storage are key in any small space. Taking full advantage of all the space you do have will make your place feel less cluttered and more homey.

The more storage solutions you use, the cleaner and more spacious your space will feel. We decided to help out by finding some of the best storage ideas for your small dorm or apartment!

1. Hang anything you can on the wall

When you don’t have much space in your place, you have to think vertical. Clutter is an issue in small spaces, so the more you can keep the ground clear, the more room you’ll have. Hang anything and you can on the wall, even if it isn’t something you would usually find hanging. Try hanging up your hats, jewelry or even your bike. It will open up the space and look unique!