This Video Involves Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Chris O’Dowd And A Fly, And It’s Amazing

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Steve Carell Kristen Wiig Chris O'Dowd Graham Norton 2013

I love talk shows like The Graham Norton Show because, in addition to being British and therefore delightful, it features a few celebrities who may or may not know each other or have something in common sitting on a couch shooting the breeze, and anything can happen. And I mean anything. Including anythings involving flies. As in insects. Just such an insect made a cameo appearance on a new episode featuring… wait for it… Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and Chris O'Dowd. I KNOW! Obviously in this case the guests are more familiar with each other, but that only makes them more comfortable doing the things they do in this video. And I gotta tell you — it's pretty amazing.

Everyone has a part to play in the hilarity of this incident, and Graham Norton just sits back in his mod chair and enjoys the show. What a lucky, lucky British man. The video starts out innocently enough, with Kristen Wiig freaking out about an enormous fly that has made its way into the studio. “That was like a bird!” she giggles. Steve Carell, bespectacled movie star ninja that he is, proceeds to explain exactly how to properly kill a fly, then tells a story of his heroism. It's all very entertaining and fun, but if you've already watched the video and know what's about to happen, this part is like the beginning of a horror movie, where all the characters are happy and at peace, but you know something terrible (and in this case terribly funny) is looming on the horizon.

I'm not going to tell you exactly what happens, because I want you to appreciate how hilarious and spontaneous and impressive it is, but I will say that the fly may or may not pass away, and it also may or may not end up in someone's mouth at some point. Just to give you an idea of how perfect this video is, as of my writing this, it has 970 YouTube likes and not a single dislike. And I bet some of those likes even came from flies.

This episode of The Graham Norton Show airs on BBC America this Thursday night at 10 PM, so what other awesomeness might we witness?!