17 Things No One Tells You About Starting a Family Young

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1. You Never Feel Ready


But are we ever ready for anything? Getting married is fun, but the reality of sharing a life with someone is far from a fairytale. It's little arguments, getting used to strange habits and being with someone all. the. damn. time. I haven't been alone for more than two hours in five years. For real.
Having kids is slightly more terrifying, as it should be. You won't feel prepared but you just accept things as they unfold. Your parents weren't ready either, but here are all nice and adjusted. You'll figure it out.
That said, there's a difference between ~not feeling ready~ and knowing deep down that you are. Obviously, you should never do anything you know you aren't ready for. So separating the “feeling ready” and “knowing you're ready” are two very different things because you can know you're ready to take a step even if you don't feel like you are, and vice-versa. So do some serious soul-searching before making any big decisions about marriage and children, cause these are ones you can't back down from.