17 Things No One Tells You About Starting a Family Young

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Life doesn't always turn out as planned. Maybe you didn't envision your life getting hitched and having kids long before 30, but hey, sometimes sh*t happens. You fall in love, you get pregnant, both happen, or one or the other. Regardless, you are in the club of starting a family young. It's a unique club, that's especially true today, as many twentysomethings are waiting longer than ever to settle down in any official way.

You're either in one of two groups. Group one is straight-up freaked out by all their friends getting engaged and pregnant and cannot decide if they're going to ‘like' the engagement announcement on Facebook or not because it's just too weird. If that isn't you then you're probably the friend settling down, or at least trying to get there soon. Let me tell you something — while young marriages on shows like One Tree Hill and even Gossip Girl make starting a family before you turn 25 look like real-life version of a fairy tale — there are so many challenges to be had and a lot of changes coming your way.
That's not to say you shouldn't do go for it or that you won't be happy if you do, but it's best to make a fully informed decision. Not just one based on the on-screen portrayal of these decisions as wholly romantic and unproblematic.
Take my word for it. As an unexpected parent at the age of 23, I learned a lot and will pass along some of the things I wish I had known starting my journey to true “adulting.” Because it's hard and we all could use some guidance (And humor because without humor — parents and marriage would never survive).