Start Saving Money And Maybe Live Like A Celeb!

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Here at Crushable we eat, breathe, and drink celebrity gossip. Unfortunately, we  — along with most of our readers — can’t actually afford the celebrity lifestyle we love so much. Money isn’t just hanging out in a vault somewhere waiting for us to spend it on three weddings or buying unique gifts for our best friend Adele (we wish!)

As a result, it’s important for us muggles to be smart about our spending and managing our finances (since we also can’t afford to hire someone to do it for us). While there are a ton of obvious ways to keep finances in check, sometimes you just can’t bear the thought of not having your daily pumpkin flavored latte. However, one way balancing your finances can be made more convenient is with the Fifth Third Bank’s new Access 360 Card. Reloadable and prepaid, the Access 360 card has a ton of other great features that make it ideal for keeping finances in check:

  • It’s more secure than cash
  • Can be used to make online purchases without a debit or credit card
  • Available for use at stores that don’t accept checks

With Fifth Third Bank's new card you’ll have ultimate control of your money without any of the hassle. Maybe with the Access 360,  you can enjoy the illusion of living like a celebrity for a little while. So quit stalking your favorite celebs and start living like them!

This post is sponsored by Fifth Third Bank.