Impress Your Friends With The Perfect Spring Cocktail Party

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Once the weather breaks about 65 degrees, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to take advantage of that mellow spring heat. And who doesn’t love a good outdoor cocktail? There’s a reason why all those rooftop bars are so popular. But with just a little preparation, you can wow your friends with an evening of fun that’ll make anyone happy that winter has finally disappeared.

First of all, you need the drinks — can’t have a cocktail party without cocktails, can we? Basically, Pinterest is your best friend here. Try this rosemary, grapefruit and gin cocktail on for size, perhaps some vodka pear lavender lemonade. If those are feeling a little too ~extra~, just keep it classic with a good old sangria recipe. All of these were found with just a few clicks through Pinterest, and you can always narrow your search terms down to get results for what you really want. Essentially any wine or champagne left to steep with seasonal fruits like strawberries, lemons, oranges or grapefruit will yield you something that’s perfect to sip while hanging on the patio, and they usually look pretty Instagram-worthy as well. Liquor will obviously yield you a more potent concoction, but depending on what you use it can pair just as well with fruity and floral flavors. If you really want to step up your Insta game, keep those traditional wine glasses in the cabinet and opt for mason jars or something a bit more rustic. You can even find super cute vintage dishware on Etsy or at a local thrift store.

Then, of course, you need some decor. The perfect mood can elevate a party from simply fun to absolutely kick-ass. Since this is a classy cocktail party, you don’t want to go overboard with decorations — Keep it simple. String lights are always a necessity for springtime outdoor parties, and flowers (real or fake) will add to the vibe. It sounds like a small detail, but if you don’t have access to a backyard or rooftop at your place, keeping the windows open is a must — the A.C. totally changes the vibe. Etsy has tons of floral garland with faux flowers, so they’ll be reusable for years on end. Some of them even have lights attached, or come in the form of a backdrop, so you and your friends will have a place to crowd in for cute group photos to remember the night.

And to finish off the night, fill rustic metal buckets with ice and wine coolers and refreshing canned cocktails. Don’t forget about the playlist — but no matter if you’re rolling with a country-loving crew or Top 40 listeners, these throwback hits are sure to get the party started.

And to top everything off, you must have the perfect outfit to wear to your impressive soirée. Think either fun, flowy sundresses or trendy co-ords. Perhaps you’ll go for this fun & flirty combo from Forever 21, or this more high-end springtime outfit from Reformation, but whatever you choose, bright colors and floral patterns are never a bad option.

No matter how you pull out the stops to create your springtime cocktail party, just make it your own. Would your guests prefer to rock out to old Fall Out Boy songs while they lounge on the patio instead of more low-key country vibes? Go for it. Is your group the type that are going to sip sangria or will they go straight for the Bud Light? Only you know for sure! The most important thing is that everyone has a great time, and though these suggestions will give you a start, only you can create the perfect party for your friends.