The Daily WTF: Full-Body Sound Massage Soothes Your Aches With Music Waves

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full-body sound massage music wavesThis is such a cool, nontraditional take on an already luxurious massage: As part of his residency with Brooklyn's Issue Project Room, electronic musician Sergei Tcherepnin is looking for volunteers to experience a full-body “sound massage.” As you can see in the photo, he lays you down on a mat and hook you up to synthesizers.

These magnetic transducers — described as “like a speaker without a cone” — pump you with music for a half hour. We have no idea what the science behind this is, but the official description is “a six-channel electronic composition.” I wonder if it's something to do with vibrations, a deeper-body version of those massaging chairs you sit in at the mall?

According to the program's official website, Sergei and fellow artist-in-residence Woody Sullender “construct sites for listening, touching, and direct engagement with sonic material. Their temporary architecture of tactile speakers disperses the duo’s live electronic music in performance.” This massage seems to be one of several different displays that Sergei has planned. And you know what? It's free, though they do ask for a $10 suggested donation. Honestly, for such a unique massage — and in New York City, no less — that's an excellent deal.