Through No Fault of Her Own, Sofia Vergara’s Boobs Escaped on NYE

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Sofia Vergara is having a hard time keeping her lady bits in her dress lately. Sofia’s New Year’s Eve dress was torn and her cleavage exposed when she tried to get in the middle of a scuffle between her fiancé Nick Loeb and strangers at a nearby table.

Nick was reportedly on edge all night because their New Year’s Eve bash at the Delano Hotel was hosted by Chris Paciello, Sofia’s ex. Then when Sofia took a picture with a stranger at a nearby table, it sent Nick over the edge. After some pushing and shoving with the people at the neighboring table, Sofia tried to intervene, and her dress was ripped in the process. Nick was apparently thrown out of the club and Sofia's boobs were thrown out of… well, you get it.

This is at least the second time Sophia has had a little wardrobe malfunction. We all remember when Sophia’s butt exposed itself at the Emmy’s. Many people would say, “Hey, Sofia, why do you keep popping out of your dresses?” But guys, it's not her fault.

To have T&A that just can’t stay put is a curse that us Columbian women have to deal with. I get it, Sofia. Believe you me. It’s like, “Voluptuous curves, stay where I put you already!” And sure this time maybe your lady parts got exposed due to a kerfuffle, but we both know they are just as likely to escape from something as benign as reaching on the top shelf to get down the baking pan. I mean, can a girl get a pair of pliers out from the junk drawer without her own junk drawer spilling out?

Oh wait, have I been insinuating that I'm a Columbian woman that also struggles with this problem? Oops. That’s inaccurate.

Sofia's boobs and butt, I can’t weigh in on this Nick guy because I don’t know him. But seems to me he’s a little possessive and has a temper. And he ruined what seemed to be a fun night for you and Sofia. It’s up to you whether you want to hang on to him (or more importantly, if you want him hanging onto you). I just feel like you might have a ton of options out there.

And if you ever are looking for a new home, I'm your girl.