Prankster Recites Strangers’ Social Media Info In A Video That Will Amuse And Terrify You

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Jack Vale social media prank November 2013

Are you in the mood to feel extremely paranoid but also highly amused? Well then have I got just the video to satisfy your weirdly specific craving. Prankster Jack Vale recently conducted a social media experiment which involved walking up to complete strangers and reciting information from their social media accounts without telling them that's where he got the information. So he just looks like some psychic and/or stalker. Either that or he's just really good at guessing people's dogs' names.

All of this information was readily available on the strangers' public social media pages, so it's not like Jack hacked into their accounts or got the info from their friends who have access. It's obviously entertaining to glimpse these people's amazing/confused/suspicious/uncomfortable expressions when a complete stranger walks up and knows their name. But then again, holy cannoli is it easy to stalk people on the Internet! Let's all think about stranger danger the next time we post to Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Gobbledigook or whatever the hell the latest social media craze is.

Thankfully the people Jack pranked took the revelation that he was pranking them quite well. That is, except for the guy at 3:15, whose face is blurry not because he was embarrassed about a pimple that day but because he doesn't exactly seem thrilled with strangers knowing his personal information, and isn't afraid to say so. The second-hand discomfort I experienced when watching that moment play out is indescribable.

I'm honestly a little shocked that Jimmy Kimmel wasn't the one to do this. I'm sure he's kicking himself over it as we speak. But as far as I know Jack Vale hasn't masterminded an elaborate twerk fail prank as of yet, so it has a little more of an impact in this case.