This Photo From The Olympics Closing Ceremony Proves That Sochi Can Make Fun Of Itself

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Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony Rings 2-23-14Now I know the 2014 Olympics closing ceremony doesn't officially air in the U.S. until tonight, but it's already going down in Sochi right now.  Fully expecting the ceremony to have a few WTF moments (much like the opening ceremony did) because the entire Sochi experience has provided more than a little internet fodder, I am pleased to see that everything is closing on a high note.  62 pianos worth of high notes, to be exact:

They even redeemed themselves (the proverbial “they” being an exhausted IDGAF anymore Sochi Olympic committee, at least in my imagination) by having all six of the Olympic rings show up this time, but not before proving even Russians can have a sense of humor:


And for all of you literary buffs out there, Russia hears your cries for apt representation in the closing ceremony:


Now it's time to pass the torch on to PyeongChang, South Korea, in hopes that four years is an adequate amount of time to learn from Sochi's mistakes.  If not, at least we'll have more GIFs and laughs coming our way.  Sochi, OUT.