Cutegreggator: These Sleepy Baby Animals Are So Ready For The Weekend

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I know you've had a long hard week in your cubicles, baby animals, but TGIF! You get to sleep in tomorrow. No looking for a parking place at your job at the mall, no arguing with the copier when it runs out of toner, no avoiding your boss in the halls so he doesn't ask you for those expense reports he's been bugging you for. [Ed Note: Whoa Alexis, point taken. I will not longer bug you for all those expense reports.]

Nope…as of tomorrow morning, you're free and clear. You can sleep in as late as you want, do the crossword in bed, and play video games in your underwear. Because tomorrow's Saturday.

Now wait. Hold on a second. I'm getting word that that's what animals babies do all the time. Well, the sleeping part. Apparently they rarely play video games as they lack opposable thumbs, and they don't bother wearing underwear at all. Inappropriate. But if all they do all the time is sleep and eat, what are you so tired about, you yawning and snoozing little animal creatures?

I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. Right after I've had my coffee.