Siri, Show Me The Twitter Parody Of Zooey Deschanel’s iPhone Commercial

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Remember that iPhone 4S commercial where Zooey Deschanel asks Siri if its raining? (I hope so, because it's literally still on television. You could turn on your TV right now and see it.) And do you remember the Twitter ‘Zooey Asks Siri‘ that parodies it? No? Yes? Well either way, read on.

Zooey's commercial is one in a series where celebrities show the ways that they use Siri, serving as a little snapshot into their totally realistic celebrity lives. There's one where John Malkovich gets a philosophical with Siri about the meaning of life, and one with Samuel L. Jackson where the robo-phone helps the actor get ready for a date night.

For her commercial, Zooey decides to use the basically unlimited capability of the iPhone to: ask if it's raining, order tomato soup to be delivered in order to avoid getting dressed, procrastinate cleaning her apartment, and dance in her pajamas. If Apple's intention was to make a commercial which closely mirrors a day in my own life, they did a bang-up job. Except it's missing the exchange: “Siri, did I eat breakfast today?” “Yes, Alexis, twice.”

But Zooey's slightly more quaint and fabulous than me, so someone actually made a Twitter called ‘Zooey Asks Siri'. It's not run by Zooey Deschanel, but it imagines ways she might use the iPhone…like asking dorable questions, coming up with quirky band names and event reminders, and struggling to understand the limitations of our non-hipster world.

We went through the most recent tweets and picked ten of our favorites for your reading pleasure, so have Siri make you some popcorn and pull up a chair.