What Singles Should Do This Valentine’s Day According To Your Zodiac

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, pretty much every single person out there is experiencing that deep feeling of dread. Even if you’re usually totally fine with your lack of a significant other, V-Day makes everything feel ten times worse. You have to listen to everyone’s cute, couple-y plans for the day. Social media is inundated with pictures of people having a way better time than you. People start to pity you for being alone, even if it’s really not a problem for you. It’s just another stupid, commercialized day, anyways. Why does everyone put so much importance on it?

No matter how hard you try, Valentine’s Day mania is often pretty difficult to escape. The world’s singletons find themselves wondering what they can do to either avoid the whole thing or distract themselves sufficiently. Well, have you ever considered that the solution to your V-Day woes might well be in your stars? Each star sign’s personality traits and preferences can help them to find the perfect single-person activity for the most irritating day of the year. Are you still unsure how you’ll be spending February 14th? The Zodiac is here to help…