17 Fun Pairs of Tights to Wear this Fall and Winter

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The Autumn Equinox is here, and fall has officially arrived. Of course, we’ve been preparing for this season since Labor Day, the ~unofficial~ end of summer. (If you can’t wear white anymore and pumpkin spice lattes are in everyone’s coffee cup, it’s fall.)

There are plenty of things to love about fall: the crisp snap in the air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and all the fun fall activities to partake in, even if you’re low on funds. Fall is also a great season for fashion — if you haven’t browsed Pinterest for fall makeup trends and stocked up on new sweaters already, you still have some time.

And then there are the drawbacks of the season. It gets dark earlier, it gets progressively colder as winter approaches, and we’re forced to encase our legs in stretchy fabric in order to stay warm through fall and winter. Fortunately, tights don’t have to be boring and suffocating. Why stick with solids and neutrals when there are so many fun options out there? Any one of these 17 pairs are way better than typical tights, and will still keep you warm…at least, warmer.

1. Flowered fishnets


Just because it’s fall (or winter!) doesn’t mean you can’t wear florals. These flower-patterned tights are way more fun than regular fishnets, and the flowers make them much classier, too. These could easily transition from a pencil skirt in the office look to a mini skirt at the club vibe. Plus, Nordstrom has free shipping (and free returns, if you don’t love them).

Warmth scale: 1 / 5
Fun scale: 3 / 5

Buy them from Nordstrom for $27!