‘Sh-t Nobody Says’ Puts The Nail In The Coffin Of The ‘Sh-t Girls Say’ Meme

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You may have thought that the “Shit Girls Say” meme — including gay guys, white girls to black girls and girls to their gay boyfriends — would continue on ad infinitum like Nyan Cat, but it turns out there is a clear-cut ending to this craziness.

“Shit Nobody Says” is like the anti-meme: It uses the same formula of a stereotypical person running through relatable phrases, except that they're things none of us would dare utter. What makes it funny is that it's the opposite of each one that we would actually use as a conversation piece. Case in point:

“Hey, can I burn a copy of your Nickelback CD?”

“I completely understand my taxes.”

“Does anyone know how I can make Papyrus my default font?”

“I hope he'll call and ask me to help him move.”

“I'm thinking of ditching my iPhone so I can use Boost Mobile.”


Bravo, Tripp and Tyler at dontbethatguyfilms.