Questionable Choices: Shia LaBeouf Goes Full Dirty Hippie

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So I realize Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to the scruff, but this is getting a little ridiculous. He looks like he's trying out to star in a remake of The Big Lebowski.

Which would be sacrilege, as The Big Lebowski is perfect and does not need to be remade. And even if they were doing a sequel, I don't know why they'd want anyone other than Jeff Bridges to play The Dude. He is the dude, dude. Maybe Shia is doing a little bit of method acting to try to be as groovy as him. Maybe he's trying out to star in a Devendra Banhart biopic. Or maybe he's just trying to hide what he correctly considers to be a bit of a weak chin. In any case, he should stop it right now. Brad Pitt‘s allowed to look weird between movie roles because he is Brad Pitt. Shia, on the other hand, would probably do well to stay in fighting shape.

Shia LaBeouf? More like Shia LaScruff! Amirite? (Sorry, had to.)

(Via CelebrityGossip)