Sex On The Wire: The 90’s Were Prime Boy Crushin’ Time…Though I May Be Biased.

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• I will never, ever look at my blow-up Shamu for my pool ever the same…EVER (The Frisky)

• Is it over sharing when I tell the boy that I like, that sometimes I enjoy not shaving my legs in the winter as a competition with my friends ? This is a for question for a friend…(College Crush)

• Woah, Woah everyone relax casual sex isn't such a bad thing! Can I get an amen? (CollegeCandy)

• Every girl should try working out with their man. And when I say working out, I mean you just sitting their watching with a bag of popcorn! (Gurl)

• You may not only need SPF for physical sunburn but also emotional sunburn…gingers cannot win. (Betty Confidential)

• I actually cringed when I read this posts title…no kids for me anytime soon! (Your Tango)

• Celebrity crushes from the 90's to today, and yes Leo DiCaprio is on the list. (Blog With Benefits)