Sex On The Wire: So They Say Mustaches Are Good For You, Does This Mean I Can Stop Waxing Mine?

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• Haven't plucked a stray nipple hair lately? That and 15 other signs that it may be time for you get laid! (The Frisky)

• Ever wondered how to give good sext? Check out these helpful tips before you send your hunny a steamy text. (Your Tango)

• And so the 50 Shades of Grey insanity continues, but now it's for your ears! (Betty Confidential)

• Don't leave out all the details though you may be embarrassed.  You should be able to count on your friends to not be judgmental. (College Crush)

• I mustache you to let your Boyfriends keep their staches, it's good for them! (CollegeCandy)