Sex On The Wire: It’s A Freaky Friday And Lindsay Lohan Is Not Invited

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• You know who's hornier than college guys? Animals. See some majorly cute animal PDA right here. (CollegeCandy)

• Tumblr is the best place to get relationship advice. For real. (The Frisky)

• Sex versus video games. Some days we don't know which one is better. (Gurl)

• If you be yourself, you'll like yourself. Then other people will like you and want to date you and one day, after many dates, marry you. (The College Crush)

• Top 5 misconceptions about sex. Bonus misconception: that douchebag will turn into Mr. Big if you give him enough time. (Your Tango)

• Matthew McConaughey wants you to know that his Magic Mike is not a stunt double. It's allll his. (Betty Confidential)