Sex On The Wire: Attention: New Couples Who Are Trying To Not Have Sex Too Soon, Please Avoid Bean Bags And Other Highly Sexable Areas

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• Ladies, take up a hobby and stop following your man around!  (Gurl)

• I'd only stuff a pie down my male teacher's pants if it was Ezra Fitz(The Frisky)

• Summer is the best time to embrace your single status!  Keep up the fun! (Betty Confidential)

• Put your worries about your man going down there on ya away with these four stress-busting tips! (CollegeCandy)

• Long distance relationships aren't all bad. I mean, you do have the choice to wear sweats everyday…(College Crush)

• Everybody needs to cool it with all of the sexting, especially people who aren't of age! (Your Tango)

• Please avoid washer machines and many other surfaces if you're trying not to have sex too early in a relationship (Blog With Benefits)