All The Sex Advice You Need For Not Scaring Guys

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This week on Ask A Naked Guy, Kate and Mari ask Naked Rob what he's scared of when it comes to ladies. I am always wondering this myself, considering the fact that I think guys are terrified of me and I often have no idea why! What gives, man? It's like every guy I come in contact with has seen the movie Teeth and thinks that vagina dentata is actually a thing. Vaginas with teeth isn't a thing, guys. FYI.

Anyway, Naked Rob says that guys are usually just afraid of getting shut down and not of sex or getting their pork swords bitten off by a mutated cha. Well that's a relief. Although, how are we ladies supposed to deal with guys that are easily intimidated?

It's kind of reassuring to remember that if a guy is intimidated by you, he probably also likes you—or he wouldn't be phased by you at all! Naked Rob points out that there's a certain amount of excitement that comes along with intimidation, which can work in our favor.

I always find myself in situations with guys that could go wither way: Ya know, that straddle the line between friend zone and bone town. And for some reason, they usually stay in the friend zone. I think it's because the guy is usually intimidated by something, but I'm also intimidated by the guys intimidation! Which doesn't really make any sense. Listening to Naked Rob talk about what he's afraid of when it comes to women helped remind me that I too can go for it. Just because a guy doesn't reach out and touch you, doesn't mean he doesn't wanna be touched.

Watch the video below to hear for yourself what guys are afraid of. (It ain't ghosts. Or vaginas with teeth.)