All The Sex Advice You Need For Choosing Between Two Guys And Talking About Your (Sex) Number

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This week in sex advice land, Sarah from Sexy Times with Gurl answers the question: “How do I choose between two guys?” and on Ask A Naked Guy, Naked Andy gives us a man's eye view of “What's your number?”

Sarah gives pretty solid advice on the subject of choosing between two guys. She says that oftentimes, being indecisive doesn't come without casualties. And I can say that she is totally, unequivocally, 100% right. Last year, I was in a situation kind of like the one she's talking about. Except I wasn't the one doing the choosing… I was one of the potential choices. Yeah, I was seeing a guy who was also seeing someone else. Eventually the guy “chose” me, and he was my boyfriend for a while. But even though my story doesn't end with me in a bed eating pint after pint of Ben & Jerry's, I wouldn't want to be in a situation like that again no matter what. First of all, I know that the other girl involved went through a lot of heartache and confusion when my guy eventually stopped seeing her. Not to mention all of the bad feelings that I experienced while he was still seeing me and someone else. In retrospect, the whole situation just felt really unfair, to me and the other girl. And I never truly felt like the guy appreciated or respected me the way he should have.

Sarah says that it took a friend reminding her that when you really, truly love someone, you can't even imagine being with another person. So it should never come down to a choice. I think that's great advice, and I wish someone would have reminded me of that last year. (Because are the guy and I still together? Nope.)

On a lighter note, Naked Andy talks numbers! Not phone numbers, but your number number. The number that answers the question “how many people have you slept with?” number.

So, should we feel uncomfortable sharing this often kept secret bit of information? I'm impressed with Naked Andy's response, who says as long as everything's safe, there's no shame in your number, whatever it is! He's one guy who doesn't judge a girl based on how many guys she has (or hasn't) slept with. The fact that he plugs safety is also super impressive. It seems to me like a lot of young guys aren't proactive about using protection, and that there many more who don't even think about taking someone's sexual history into serious consideration. I'm not gonna put my number out there into the blogosphere, but let's just say it's more than one… and it has been the case more often than not that I am the one who is responsible for saying some version of “no glove, no love.” So serious props to Naked Andy for making it clear that more important than your number, is whether or not you're safe. That lesson can always stand being repeated.