Selena Gomez Actually Was In Rehab, But Just This Once I Won’t Say ‘I Told You So’

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Selena Gomez hiding her face when leaving tanning salon January 2014Oh man I'm really in a tight spot here. On the one hand, I'm really proud of Selena Gomez for bucking up and going to rehab, because it sounds like it was something she really needed. But on the other hand, we here at Crushable predicted this months ago, and I'm really bursting to say ‘I told you so.'

According to Radar Online, Selena had a two week emergency stay in January at an Arizona facility called Dawn at the Meadows. They specialize in ‘patients 18 to 26 years old who are struggling with emotional trauma, addiction or dual diagnosis concerns', but a spokesperson for Selena insists that:

“Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse.”

But that's not the information that Radar received. According to them, Selena was ‘partying very hard' in the months before her stay, spending time with Justin Bieber (whom she apparently blames for her issues, according to TMZ) and experimenting with marijuana and even beginning to abuse prescription drugs like Xanax and Ambien.

“With fame came a partying lifestyle. Her friends and family became increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem with Selena. Particularly, her parents. The partying was, at times, wild. They wanted to help her — and they very much encouraged her to go to rehab. Others very close to her also urged her to seek professional help.”

Like…I get it. Sometimes you need to cancel your tour and go to rehab, that makes total sense to me, and I wish more celebrities had the courage to do it. But if I had unlimited wishes, I'd wish that celebrities who do end up at rehab also had the courage to A. take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming them on little Bieber idiots, and B. be honest about it. The fact that she hid the stay from her fans by calling it ‘me time' only adds more stigma onto a an already overly-difficult process.

Wouldn't it have been brave and awesome and great if instead of calling exhaustion in hopes of protecting her squeaky-clean image, Selena had actually come clean and said, “Hey guys, I haven't been exactly honest with you, but I've been struggling with some pretty big, dangerous stuff, and I need to go take care of it.” It might not have made her the best Disney role model, but it would've made her a really excellent real-world model for those of her fans who might not have the support of their parents and unlimited funds at their disposal to go toward recovery.

Just my two cents, but it sounds like she's doing well now, which is great. I hope that continues to be the case.

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