According To Ring Guesstimators, Ryan Reynolds Loves Blake Lively 1.7 Million Times More Than Scarlett Johansson

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For all the naysayers who claim that Ryan Reynolds is just a serial marrier who can't stop marrying young up-and-coming blonde actresses, new reports show that they may be wrong.

I am, of course, talking about myself. I am one of the people who instantly made divorce jokes after finding out the Ryan Reynolds married Blake Lively. Because the news was all like, “say whaaaatttt?!”

However E! did some fabulous ring investigatory work and discovered that the ring Ryan bought for Blake may be around 1.7 million times more valuble than the ring he bought for his first wife, Scarlett Johansson.

They spoke to a jeweler who looked at Blake's ring and said, “I think he paid around $2 million, maybe closer to $3 million because of the color and size.”

However when it comes to ScarJo's ring, we're talking a little bit less money, “I can only guesstimate the value of the diamond being between $100,000 to $300,000.”

So if we estimate Blake's ring being on the low side at 2 million and ScarJo's being on the high side at 300K, then we're look at a 1.7 million difference. That's just a little morning math magic for you.

What does this mean for their marriage? Well, looks like Ryan and Blake might be married for 1.7 million more years than Ryan and ScarJo. So that's nice! I just don't know what you get someone on their one millionith anniversary?

Probably a nice pen or a gaggle of children or a subscription to TV Guide. I don't know.

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