ScarJo Is Pregnant, Likely Inspired To Have Baby After Watching Herself In The Nanny Diaries On TV

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Scarlett Johansson Jimmy Fallon Interview

On the slight chance that you didn't read the title and just clicked at the mere sight of seeing the words ScarJo, you should know that Scarlett Johansson's pregnant. With a baby! This news comes just months after she shocked the world with her engagement to a French journalist named Romain Dauriac. And by shocked, I mean gave all of us journalists/bloggers out there hope that we too could one day bed and wed someone as gorgeous as ScarJo.

While she hasn't officially confirmed the news yet, TMZ's claiming she's five months along. Which means that we're due to have another beautiful celebrity baby in the world in the middle of the summer. That is, if we're having summer this year. I'm starting to resign myself to the fact that Frozen wasn't a children's movie as much as it was a sign of things to come. But enough about me and the fact I'm wearing two pairs of pants and more about the fact that you only have four months to prepare yourself to meet an infant who's more attractive and more bilingual than you'll ever be.

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