Sarah Silverman Just Won Herself A Special Place In My Heart…And My Vagina

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I'm just about ready to ask Sarah Silverman to be my official ladyfriend, because she is out there doing some very attractive things for women's reproductive rights. Plus, she's doing it in a hilarious way, which is always good for approximately forty-seven bonus points.

Sarah created a faux-PSA for Funny or Die in which she speaks up for women's health and reproductive rights by asking her bros to join the fight — to be ‘bro-choice', in her words. Clever. I like it. She wants guys to join the fight to protect us wimmins and our lady parts. Not take it over entirely, just join it:

“I'm not saying I'm looking for a hero. I'm not saying I'm looking to be saved, but does a fight have to be yours for you to take it on? I mean let me tell you something, bro — if anybody messed with you, bro, I'd be all over it. I got some bros that don't even have the same rights as me because the love other bros….and I'm all over that shit!”

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. I love this. And it's a really good point! We all traveled through a lady to get here, so why not respect that sacred canal and leave any and all required decision-making regarding our lady tunnels to the people who actually contain them, huh? But Sarah isn't quite done yet. She lays out four rules to help any guy become bro-choice and, thus, more attractive to the forward-thinking ladies of the world, and ends on this note:

“If you stand up for reproductive rights today, there's a better chance that we'll still be around tomorrow…(whispers)…to blow you.”

Ob. Sessed. Obsessed.