Sandra Bullock’s Non-Relationship With George Clooney Is Cuter Than Most Real Relationships

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Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Venice Film Festival Gravity premiere August 2013

My heart has informed me this morning that these quotes from superhero Sandra Bullock talking about her non-relationship with George Clooney, as well as her son Louis Bullock's BFF-ship with that same Clooney, are the absolute cutest. I always wait for a second opinion from my heart before I make declarations like that, to make sure it's really accurate. To be fair, my heart changes its mind about cute things like every few hours, and later in the day something else — probably relating to One Direction or David Beckham playing with his daughter — will replace it. But let's cherish this adorable story while we can, okay?

Contactmusic reports that on a recent visit to The Tonight Show, Sandra explained that, despite many affectionate red carpet appearances for their new film Gravity, she and George are not an item and never will be, because they're just too similar (I'm assuming in more ways that just being huge movie stars).

“We go way back, so far back that we're now started to take years off how long it's been. We've known each other for a while . . . I think we're probably the only two that haven't dated in the business. I think it's probably because we're a little too similar, in all the disturbing ways.”

It's gotta be nice to be one of the few A-list Hollywood pairs that can really get along without all that incestuous dating getting in the way. I would also prefer that Sandra and George do not get together, because George is a playa and I would not like him breaking dear sweet Sandra's heart. On top of that, Sandra is betrothed to Melissa McCarthy, so a romance with George would just complicate things.

Sandra also recently revealed that her son Louis has “man time” with George, which my heart tells me is almost too cute to handle.

“The cute little anecdote is that he went to me and said, ‘Where's George and Rande [Gerber, their mutual friend]?' I said, ‘I don't know!' And he said, ‘I need them.' So we went and found them, and they had man time. And I sort of stood off to the side and waited for them to finish. Then I was allowed to take him back.”

Can't you just imagine George and Louis sitting around reading the paper together with a cup of coffee, periodically discussing sports scores and sharing their thoughts on the government shutdown? Two syllables: OB-SESSED.