Solve Two New Year’s Resolutions With One Move: Monthly Beauty Samples From Birchbox

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We're sure that, just a few days into the New Year, your Facebook newsfeed is plastered with your friends' resolutions—long, rambling notes about working out X times a week, creating a witty Halloween costume more than a week before October 31, starting a fight so that Ryan Gosling will break it up. Clearly, these are far too ambitious, and the most successful New Year's resolutions are the bite-size ones that you can manage without feeling like you committed yourself to an impossible, life-changing task. For instance, trying out (and gifting) sample beauty products.

That's where Birchbox comes in. For $10 a month, you get a box of beauty product samples sent to you to try. We're talking luxury brands, anything from make-up to moisturizer to perfume. You get 4-5 samples a month, after filling out a Beauty Profile for a more streamlined selection in each package. For the pieces you love, you can pick up full-sized versions in the Birchbox store. Plus, there are expert videos showing you how to make the most out of your new goodies.

Maybe one of your resolutions is the frustratingly vague “look and feel better.” Daunting, right? Start small with a new eyeshadow, smoother skin, shinier hair. You'll feel better immediately.

And how about coming up with inexpensive, thoughtful presents? I know that this past Christmas I failed at handing out more than (charmingly decorated) IOUs. We get it—you're overworked, underpaid, and drowning in class readings/emergency shifts at your job. But with birthdays approaching and Single Awareness Day coming up in just six weeks, you want to still show your girlfriends, mothers, and sisters how much they mean to you. Birchbox has three-, six-, and twelve-month gifting options depending on your budget.

Get a Birchbox subscription for you or someone you care about right now, by following this link.